Advantages and Disadvantages Of Online Classes - Pros and Cons

In a world of the digital technology era. Education is also tremendously transforming into online learning at a rapid pace after the pandemic. And it's likely to remain for the long term.

In online learning, people can learn any subject, anytime and anywhere. Just like everything else online learning has its advantages and disadvantages. You have to find out for yourself whether it is beneficial for you or not.

In this article, we will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of online learning to help you find out that it is suitable for you.

Advantages Of Online Classes -

1. Online Classes Are Convenient and Flexible

The first advantage of online education is the convenience factor. Many of us are burdened with the thought of traveling, time restriction, easily covering the backup class. since virtual classes, you can attend classes from home or the location where internet access is available. 

Virtual classes are also convenient for institutes/teachers they need a virtual classes setup room with internet access not requiring lots of physical inventory even they can take classes with the help of a laptop and writing pad.

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2. No Geographical Boundaries - Country/State

Online classes allow schools/institutes/teachers to reach out to a wide range of students by crossing geographical boundaries. You don't need to go where your institute is located all over the world. You can take classes from your home. 

And you can access classes again and again without extra charge. There is an advantage of recording, archiving, and sharing for future reference.

3. Affordability 

Online education has reduced financial costs as compared to offline education because offline institutes have high inventory costs and more management.

And also for students, Some cost has been eliminated like transportation, housing, and other extra expense

All the courses or study material like videos, pdfs, e-books, and podcasts are available at affordable cost and thus creating a paperless environment that is good for the environment.

4. Students can learn with less embarrassing/anxiety/fear

During offline classes, students often feel fear, embarrassment, anxiety while asking questions. Now in online classes, it is easy to communicate with the teacher via text, audio, and video at one`s choice.

5. Improved Attendance

One advantage of online classes is that it improves the attendance of students. online classes allow students to take classes from home or their location of choice where they present at the time of class. so it's fewer chances to miss out on classes.

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Disadvantages Of Online Classes  -

1. Inability To Focus on Digital Screen

One of the biggest cons of digital classes for many students is the inability to focus on the digital screen for a longer time period.
social media distraction is also the biggest problem in online study, students easily get distracted.
Teachers and parents both have to make efforts to make them more engaging and interactive.

2. Technology and Internet issue 

Internet and technology issue is also the biggest issue in online learning. Internet penetration is more often a problem in small cities, towns, and villages. some others like gadgets are not functioning well, electricity problem. All the problems result in distraction and discontinuity during classes.

3. Online Learning Needs more Self-Discipline

The online study needs more self-discipline and focuses as compared to offline. In offline classes, there is a physical attendance that gives more accountability and competition and the teacher also reminds you to remain disciplined but in online classes, nobody will remind you from time to time. 

4. Online Classes May Create Sense Of Isolation 

In the online class, there are minimal physical interactions among teachers, students, and classmates. This creates a sense of isolation and sometimes depression in both students and teachers. The online classes environment is totally different from offline classes. Hopefully, your online class instructor is aware of these types of feelings and helps you to overcome those feelings.

5. Online Classes make it easier to Procrastinate

Procrastination is one of the major disadvantages of online classes. online classes make students lazy and irresponsible in their work because no one tells them to do homework, assignment, join the class on time and focus on learning during class (students make many side hustle during class). It's is easy to put off reading and assignments in the online environment. it's all sounds pretty good but at the exam time, it is horrifying. 

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